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Drop A Dress or Pant Size in 21 Days with Yun Fitness Bootcamps!

Are You Serious About Getting In Shape Fast & Changing Your Life For The Better?

Then Take The 21-Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge!

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Warning: This is not for everybody

Getting in shape and looking better than you have ever looked before will take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. But if you are willing to sacrifice and work hard, then our bootcamps will kick your butt into gear and headed towards your dream body!

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From The desk of Jason Yun


Owner, Improvement Warrior Fitness (formerly Yun Fitness Bootcamp)


I need to tell you something....


I've tried lots of distinct diets in my 20+ years in the fitness sport industry. All-In the expectations of getting and maintaining the perfect body for me. It's taken me a while to locate the correct one that works and additionally helps me be my absolute strongest and healthiest.


And I love to eat! Which might of been my problem for a lot of years. I have attempted the calorie-reducing diet plans kind approach, but that constantly started off great, however down a slippery slope of being hungry, having no energy and in the end ceasing the program--- or quitting and going back to normal, looking for the next 'diet solution'.


All that testing helped me locate the dietary strategy that is effective for me personally 100% of the time.....period, and also gets the job done for my clients.


It guided me to this outcome:

jason yun before after the right nutrition

Through many tests and hardships of study and personal-experimenting my team at Yun Fitness Bootcamps and I've determined just how to get you the outcomes you are looking for--- AND QUICKLY!


We've taken the best strategy as it pertains to fat reduction and nutrition and placed it collectively in this 21-day Rapid Fat Loss Program to get you very fast results. And we do it in ways that is healthy for your physique and is really some thing you can follow day-in and day out for the remainder of your own life.


Yun Fitness Bootcamps (Now Improvement Warrior Fitness- IWF) is not your common quick fix 'EASY' Button, as well as our 21 day Rapid Fat Loss Program isn't a quick fix. Following the 21 days you can expect to maintain the fat you lose, and move ahead towards your greatest fat loss and physique goals.

This is just the jump start!

We have assembled an after-plan along with an entire strategy to ensure you retain your gains (or losses :). You will become a fat burning machine and YOU WILL LOOK BETTER NAKED!


Some other results from our clients:

before after weight loss bootcamp

hilliard bootcamps transformation and strength training

strength and weight loss systems in columbus

The times of having no energy, brain fog, feeling hungry constantly, being out of control ARE OVER! In merely 21-days we are going to teach you how to burn more fat, have more energy, and execute in the gym as well as in life at the highest possible level.


In our 21 day Rapid Fat Loss Fitness Program you will:


1. Learn the secret of how to fuel your system so you are always burning fat


2. Have access to Columbus' best trainers to help propel you as well as hold you liable to the best results and workouts you've ever had


3. Learn the secret of how you can burn the most fat and shape the body in the least amount of time.


4. Discover the sceret of how to plan your week's and day's for nutrition success and not ever be tempted by food or other little treats


5. A whole lot more! Keep Reading!


For only $21 you can finally get back on track and drop that unwanted fat!


Here lies the trouble with the majority of diets........


They do not work! First and foremost! They fail to do what they are designed to do and they neglect you! It reduces your calories that it screws up your metabolism- decreases it down. Therefore now rather then being a true fat burning machine you're now a fat storing machine. And most diet plans make you exhausted, cranky, hungry, with not a lot of energy to function in life, not to mention your workouts.


Quit doing that!


That Is why diet plans do not work for the long run. Outcomes might begin wonderful......


However we simply do not need to start 'Wonderful'. We need the beginning, center and on-and-on to be Amazing!!!!


We want it to perform forever! The rest of your life!




Not with Yun Fitness bootcamps 21-Day Rapid Fat Loss Program!


Now the program is not something you are going to keep on forever. It's to get you started and excited about the possiblility that your dream physique is within your reach.


Among the big reasons people give up on diets so quickly is they don't observe effects fast enough. Yun Bootcamps would like one to enjoy the benefits ASAP along with your efforts. We ensure that if you follow this strategy to the letter you will see the weight drop. We've had folks lose up to 14 lbs in this 21-day plan, and I've noticed much more.


Things to expect with your 21-Day Rapid Weight Loss Program in Hilliard and Columbus?


Energy! This will be first and foremost the first thing you'll find. If you don't have energy to perform your not going to stay motivated. That happens because you'll be eating food rather than starving your-self. A calorie is theoretically ENERGY!


But additionally it has something related to the caliber of meals and the quality of your nutrition. When you fuel your body like a high performance machine you start to feel and act like one!


After the initial few days you may be somewhat tired, have a minor headache, be moody, etc.....


Since your system is going to be 'detoxifying' all of the junk from your own body, these are completely ordinary side effects of beginning a brand new fitness and nutrition program like this. It's a great deal like the withdrawl symptoms an addict could have from their drug of choice. Your drug was unhealthy food. The depressing point is a lot of the food encouraged to be healthy are the absolute worst offenders for you personally and culture in general.


The initial 3-5 days is likely to be the roughest. That's The point you will want quit.


But we, the coaches of Yun Fitness Bootcamp, will be right there for you personally. We are going to support you by means of this transition period that the body is going through. Lean on-US for support. Because after you get by this changeover your body, life, health take a remarkable turn for the BETTER!


Energy will take off, functionality in daily life takes off, performance in your work-outs will take off, you are feeling amazing-- oh, and you've probably already lost several pounds.

fit into your skinny jeans- columbus


Your experience with the 21-day Rapid Fat-Loss Program will depend on your starting-point. But no matter where you're beginning, you will need to start to get results!

zig ziglar quotes to start working out


IWF doesn't hide anything about our programs from anyone. I am definitely not going to let you know this is going to be EASY. Because it's not. Change is difficult. But you didn't come to this website if you weren't ready to change. We have the program and systems of strength, nutrition, health that can do that for you, in case you are ready. You're going to face barriers and challenges in the program. Our trainers will help you as best we can, and help you BREAK through those hurdles. We know the obstacles that are coming which will make it easier to get through them. But your DESIRE to change has to be there.


This is not a 'I'm going to try it and see how I do' sort of program.


If you fill in the form below you're committing 100% to 21-days of action to completely change your daily life. No more excuses!

21-day rapid fat loss fitness program columbus

Here's what you get with all the 21-Day Quick Fat-Loss Program


1. 21 day Rapid Fat-Loss Manual with Recipes ($29 value)

2. 3 Boot Camp Metabolic Resistance Training Work Out (Monday-Friday, Hilliard or Down-Town Studio) ($105 worth)

3. Up to 3 workouts a week from LBN Online Fitness Work Out ($12 worth)

4. 1 Saturday themed Workout per week at Hilliard Studio ($45 value)

5. Initial Goal/Nutritional Success Session with Jason Yun ($59 worth)

6. Initial Bodyfat Evaluation with BodyMetrix 2000 ($25 value)

7. 21-Day Tracking Sheet

8. Grocery Store Shopping List


In the 21 Day Accelerated Weight Loss Plan you can get all of that for ONLY $21!


That's $1 an evening. That's a savings over $250!


If You Are Willing To Drop Fat Quickly and Feel Better Than Ever Before Enroll For Your 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge for just $21 NOW!

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Time Is Running Out Ladies & Gents!!!


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