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Boot Camps To Go!

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Yun Fitness Bootcamps is proud to be able to offer it's first ever Boot Camps TO GO program!

The 'TO-GO' Program will give you awesome results at a fraction of the cost. Which comes in handy if you will be traveling a lot (especially during the summer months), or you have a lifestyle change (new job, loss of job, new edition to the family, etc...)
Also is great if you are training on your own and want a butt-kicking workout every once in a while with a super motivated group!

What Do I Get With Bootcamps TO-GO?

  • 2 - 5 Bootcamp Workouts @ any location per Phase
  • Unlimited Look Better Naked Online Fitness Bootcamp Workouts. Sign-up is seperate from BTG
  • 1 Free Goal Assessment meeting or phone consultation with Head Trainer Jason Yun every 3-months to make sure you're on track and hitting your goals
  • All other member privlidges- Free Saturday Camps, Bootcamp Newsletter, email access.
  • Yun Fitness Bootcamp T-Shirt (If haven't recevied already)
  • Jayson Hunter's special Carb Rotation Diet Plan and 3-months of Done-For-You Meal Plans (If haven't received already)
  • No long-term committment! Cancel whenever you want.

How Much?

2 Physical Bootcamp Classes Per Phase- $49
3 Physical Bootcamp Classes Per Phase- $59
4 Physical Bootcamp Classes Per Phase- $69
5 Physical Bootcamp Classes Per Phase- $79


So How Does It All Work?

With Bootcamps TO GO everything is Done-For-You, just like the regular bootcamp. You choose the 2-5 classes per phase you would like to attend.

The Look Better Naked Online Fitness Bootcamp workouts are online so all you need is a computer with a high speed internet connection. The videos will be exactly the same as if you were in camp and your trainer was showing you the exercises right there in class. You sign up seperately whenever you want.

You can schedule your goal assessment at anytime, but it's recommended to do it as soon as possible to make sure you will be on the right track.


So How Do I Get Started?

It's easy! Simply send an email to us, and we'll send you the paperwork to fill out and get your Bootcamps To-Go program up and running for you!

If you have additional questions ask. We're here to help you look better naked!

Click here to send email


Payment for Bootcamps TO GO can be made through PayPal, or through the same billing that we use for Bootcamp.

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