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Eating Throughout the Day: The Protein Edge

By: Jason Yun

If you have been following my newsletters you know that I am a huge believer in eating, smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day. Feedings every 2-4 hours.

This has many benefits, but the most important ones are a higher metabolism, constant protein intake, much more energy throughout the day, and your fat burning ability is skyrocketed!

Eating this way you would consume about 5-8 meals and/or snacks per day. A high quality protein source needs to be included in each of those feedings. You see protein, unlike carbohydrates and fat, does not have a storage site in your body.  So a constant uptake is vital in order to keep your body in prime fat-burning and muscle-building zones.

If you are not getting this constant uptake of protein your body will actually start eating muscle tissue to survive. The body will go into survival mode after about 3-4 hours with no feedings, because it is starving even though you may not be.  This will slow your metabolism down, big time, because remember—Muscle is your metabolism! It will also cause you to become more efficient at storing body fat, because now your body is scared and doesn’t like starving, extra body fat will give it the greatest chance of survival so it will try and add more whenever it can.

If you workout early in the morning you definitely need to get something nutritious in before the workout. Not eating at all is not an option as the body hasn’t been fueled for more than 8 hours—it’s starving big time! And not just morning workouts, you always need to get food in you before a workout, weather it’s at 5 am, noon, 6 pm or midnight. Performance will suffer without it, and fat burning will be slowed.  Think of your pre-workout meal as Popeye’s Spinach. It’s going to give you the energy, and strength you need to do it and do it with enough intensity for it to give you results.  For morning workouts try going for some yogurt with some seeds or nuts, a big bowl of cereal, meal replacements like Prograde Lean, oatmeal with some whey protein in it, or a couple hard boiled eggs with some fruit. Those are just a few of the many options you have available.

Trust me, if you just implement these 2 nutrition techniques, frequent meals and protein, you will see major improvements in your body shape and size.  This is just one of the many tips from the upcoming Metabolism Makeover Course.


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