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Boot Camp Implements

Iron woody bands

The Bandman, Dave Schmitz,

Fitness Bands

If you've been to my boot camp, then you are no stranger to the fitness bands. Highly durable and portable. They come in 7 different strength levels. Each level comes in a different color, so no mistaken them. Can be used for strength training, endurance, flexibility, power, conditioning, intervals, or additional resistance on a barbell or dumbbell. Easily attach to other objects for resisted running or drills. Virtually any exercise that can be done with a barbell or dumbbell can be replicated with a band. Made of layered latex to prevent breakage. I endorse Dave's Bands over other bands because of their superior quality, safety, price, and customer service.

Flexband Video Montage




kettlebells yun fitness boot camp equipment

Russian Kettlebells

Without a doubt my favorite training tool. Very versatile. Very different. Very challenging. Very fun. It basically is a cannonball with a handle on it. Every exercise that can do with a dumbbell can be replicated. But due to the KB's shape and center of gravity makes it much more challenging. But the best part about them is the exclusive kettlebell exercises-- swings, snatches, cleans, jerks, high pulls, Turkish get-ups, etc... These exercises are what make kettlebells the creme de la creme for fat loss and muscle strength/power endurance. You can either order from Muscledriver or DragonDoor, or Perform Better.

Muscledriver yunfitness bootcamp
dragondoor kettlebells yun boot camp
Perform Better Yun Bootcamp




medicine balls yun fitness boot camps

Medicine Balls

Another boot camp staple is the medicine ball. It simply is a weighted ball. It is best used for incorporating rotational, core training, and throwing movements, but can be used for all types of exercises from athletic populations to fitness to youth training. Very popular in boxing training-- Rocky II. My favorite kind are the ones made of rubber, but can also find them made of vinyl and leather.

Muscledriver green yun bootcamp




Lebert Equalizer Yun Boot Camp stuff

Lebert Equalizer

Newer piece of equipment that I just implemented, but am very impressed with. Full body trainer that can be used from beginner all the way up to advanced. Adaptable to all types of exercises and fitness goals. Only have 1 pair right now, but will be adding more soon. Plus, super easy storage.

lebert equalizer yun boot camp



Other Products

Gymboss Interval Timers

Gymboss Interval Timer

If you read my newsletters then you know how much I love this little gizmo. The absolute best thing for timing intervals and keeping your workout super intense for ultra conditioning and fat burning. Smaller than a cell phone, and even has a vibrate mode so you can still listen to your ipod while working out.

Gymboss Interval Timer  

Polar Heart Rate Monitor

The one pictured is the one I personal use, the FS2. It's very basic. Not a lot of special features, just heart rate and zone. Training by heart rate is the best way to control the intensity. Also let's you know which exercises work the best for you. For me it's burpees :)

Foam Roller

I saved the best for last. This is one of my best friends. This is the best tool for self-myofascial release-- or self massage. It basically is a poor man's message therapist. I herniated a disc in my low back 3 years ago, and this was one of the main reasons I was able to heal so quickly and completely. I believe everybody should be doing this daily. Your muscle tissue is basically in knots and foam rolling helps to alleviate those knots. Relieves a lot of tension built up in the back, knees, hips, ankles, shoulders, and neck. If you have never done it before it will hurt at first, that just let's you know that you have poor tissue quality. If you live in the Columbus, OH area and would like a foam rolling routine and/or demonstration, please contact me.

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