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Yun Fit The UN Bootcamp’s mission:

Our mantra is to help you look better naked!

We provide men and women and children, over the age of 13, an opportunity to achieve twice the results in less time and at a fraction of the costs of one-on-one personal training or your money back.

For details on our dedicated kids/teens program please click: Athletic Revolution Hilliard

What is this Yun Fit The UN Bootcamp (formerly Yun Fitness Bootcamp)?

It’s an awesome alternative to working out in a group setting indoors, with planned exercises, activities and nutrition and health tips. Below is a one of our workout montages:

We do offer Saturday Bootcamps with a theme every week (check schedule to make sure) and we will go outside for some when the weather is nicer. Check the Schedule out

We are located at:

  1. Hilliard- 4601 Leap Ct, 43026

How do I claim my 2-Week Free Trial?

Simply go to the schedule page. Follow the instructions there. And you'll be all set. If you still have questions feel free to call me at 614-304-1426.

We now also have several other intro trials you can select from on that page as well. You can see the differences between the trials below:

trial yun bootcamps fitness weight loss

If you are a Groupon/Living Social or another Daily Deal Click here for directions

Metabody click here for directions

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FitRanX: What, Why, How

FitRanX weight loss bootcamp dublin

FitRanX is a ranking system for fitness. Think the martial arts belt system. It is not a competition against others in the bootcamp program, rather it is a competition against you-- to create the Strongest Version of YOU!

It progresses you through the 'ranks', giving you easy to see and achieve short-term fitness goals. By simply achieving this mini-goals you will get to your long-term goals much sooner then you thought possible-- as long as your nutrition and other goals are being met.

There are 3 different age brackets and different requirements for both men and women.

To read more about it, please see the FitRanX information page here.

What's different about your boot camps?

Our UN boot camps are different because we don't consider ourself a Bootcamp. We are the un-bootcamp if you will. We consider ourself Group Personal Training. We try and put as much of a personal spin on your experience with us as possible. The moment you register for your free trial you will see the difference. And please note that are official name is now Improvement Warrior Fitness. You can check out the new website here. But everything on this site is up to date.

Also it is different because of the equipment that we incorporate. Kettlebells, sandbags, resistance bands, medicine balls, Lebert Equalizers, punching bags, sledge hammers, battle ropes, suspension trainers and bodyweight are just some of the unique training equipment. Those are some of the most effective equipment in the fitness industry. Combined with exercises and activities made to challenge the whole body at once these UN boot camps will quickly get you to reach your fitness and body goals. Even if you've never used equipment like mine, the learning curve is quick, the instruction is great, and the benefits last a lifetime.

Once again the workouts, which we call F.L.O s for Fat Loss Oppurtunity,it's up to you how hard you work and how much fat loss you will attain in each training session.

Our UN bootcamps now feature the Interval Music Workout System Workout Muse. Reviews so far have been great from all my campers. Intensity is up from it, which means fat burning is up from it! Crank it!

You will not do any steady pace running/jogging in my camps. This is an inefficient way to burn fat and get in shape. Find out why with this article on why you should avoid cardio. Running is also has the highest incidence of injury for a recreational sport in America. We prefer to have our campers stay healthy and burn the most fat possible!

And everybody can do it! We are based off of timed sets. Intervals or circuits for super fat burning! Can't go the entire time? Just do what you can for the day. Day by day you will eventually be able to do the full time, and you're on your way to looking better naked 🙂

Foam rolling. Self message. Extremely important for overall body and muscle health. Check out our Foam Rolling Benefits and routine video on why we incorporate foam rolling with every workout.

injury free at yun fitness

Saturday Specialty Camps. We used to do Saturday Specialty classes but they have transformed into the Saturday Bootcamps with a theme. Check out the different types of themes we will have and also the schedule and class list.

AND AGAIN- you get to try it out absolutely free for 2 whole weeks! You can't go wrong with 2-weeks free. Plenty of time to make up your mind that we are the right fitness program for you.

You will also receive the Special Boot Camp Welcome Pack.... It includes Your Look Better Naked Nutrition Blueprint, The 25 Rules of Fat Loss CD, Buddy Gift Cards, and Sponsor Coupons.

Why the change and re-branding?

So if you don't know we are now known as Improvement Warrior Fitness. There is a lot of things that we do that most group fitness programs and bootcamps in the Columbus, Ohio area don't do that we do. You can check out the changes we made here.

Or check out IWF's webpage here.

What is this Charity Fitness Bootcamp?

Interested in helping out the Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Greater Columbus Region? We also do special charity camps for other local charities like the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, Kya's Krusade, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

For more information and a list of past charities we have supported, go to the Charity Bootcamps Page.

If you are a non-profit charatable organization interested in having Yun Fitness Boot Camp put on a Charity Bootcamp or a fundraiser contact us today!

What is this LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts?

This simply is our online version of the bootcamp. We call it LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts. The workouts we do in bootcamp are online. Plus we have a bunch of other workout genres on there as well- like Beginner Bootcamp, All Band Workouts, Kettlebell Khaos, Body Weight Workouts, Hotel/Travel Workouts, Challenge Workouts, and 5:00 Workouts, just to name a few. New workouts are added monthly. We had a lot of people who couldn't make it to our regular bootcamps to do travel, schedule conflicts, family obligations, etc... So with LBN Online you just log on whenever and select the workout of your choice. You can try it out for just $1 for your first 30-days, or for 7-days for free.

Streaming Fitness Workouts Where Ever You Go! 24/7/365. Think of it as P90x meets Netflxi--only with better workouts!

LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts LBN Online fitness bootcamp workouts

How does the 2-week free trial process work?

Yun Fitness Boot Camps is an invite-only membership program. We use the 2-week tryout to assess if our program is the right long-term fit for each trial member. You will have the ability to choose from several membership options based on your current schedule and budget.

You can start your trial anytime up until the Monday of week #4 for any Boot Camp Phase, otherwise you must wait until the start of the next phase. All trial members must complete and submit an initial boot camp registration and waiver form. Please refer to the schedule page for more details.

Do you offer Childcare?

We offer you the ability to bring a child in to class. There is no extra cost. The child will be unsupervised but you will be able to see them at all times. This is available at our Hilliard classes only.

How does nutrition factor into the program?

Our goal is not to overwhelm, but rather to ease you into adopting healthier dietary habits for long-term success. All trial members will receive a complimentary nutrition quick-start plan that will provide basic introductory nutrition guidelines to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Our online coaching program Mindtamer, offers a Nutrition-only based membership. The lessons are set up so you can go through either by video, audio, or written. Or all 3 if you like. Check it out:

mindtamer online nutrition coaching

As of 9/12, we are transitioning into a new nutritional philosophy. Our kick off is the 30-Day Paleo Challenge. A complete revision of our Nutrition Ebook has already been published.

At the end of the tryout period, all new paying members will be eligible to receive The Carb Rotation Diet from Registered Dietician Jayson Hunter consisting of monthly updated done-for-you belly fat-burning meal plans.

We also recently partnered with the Meal Movement (Now Personal Trainer Food). Which if you have tried Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers or any of the numerous Meal Systems out there you are familiar with the concept. However Meal Movement has them beat. Protein and Vegetables, no cheap fillers, or processed food.

What if I'm needing extra motivation or accountabilty?

No problem. We offer a complimentary Goal Assessment to all trial members, either before, during or after their trial. If you would like to be proactive and set one up before we contact you please click the link below to schedule a time to go over your goals with Owner Jason Yun. The more days and times the better as his schedule fills up fast.

Schedule Your Goal Assessment

How much does the program cost?

Yun Fitness Boot Camp is a monthly membership program. Members are required to commit to either a month-to-month, 4-month, or 12-month billing agreement at a membership level that best caters to their schedule and budget as outlined below. Please note the big savings on our boot camp package offerings that are provided to members who sign-up for either a 4-month, or a 12-month billing agreement:

Yun Fitness UN Boot Camp Packages for Month-to-Month Billing Agreements



The HARDCORE Package- 2 Half-Hour Personal Training Sessions/Month + Rapid Results Package


The Rapid Results Package- 3 Workouts/Week or 12 Total Workouts per Phase


The Busy Person Package- 2 Workouts/Week or 8 Total Workouts per Phase


Yun Fitness UN Boot Camp Packages for 4-Month Billing Agreements



The HARDCORE Package- 2 Half-Hour Personal Training Sessions/Month + Rapid Results Package

$279/month (save $20)

The Rapid Results Package- 3 Workouts/Week or 12 Total Workouts per Phase + Member Benefits

$139/month (save $60)

The Busy Person Package- 2 Workouts/Week or 8 Total Workouts per Phase + Member Benefits

$119/month (save $60)

What are these Specialty Classes and How Much Do They Cost?

The specialty classes are classes that we do in our facility in Hilliard. These are our advanced class series. The classes that will be offered are Advanced Abs & A$$, Kettlebell Khaos, YunFit, TRX-X-Plosion, and possibly more.

These classes will be offered on Saturday Mornings and during our regular bootcamp off-weeks. Your first specialty class is always free.

For a monthly membership for the Saturday Classes please click here

For Drop-in or Punch Cards please click here

jason yun columbus fitness and athlete trainer youth adn adult

When and How often will we meet?

Schedule and Location for our Group Fitness Classes (aka Bootcamp)

Hilliard: Morning MWF- 515-550 am, 600-645 am, 945-1030 am Evening MTR- 530-615 pm, 630-715 pm

Downtown Columbus: MWR- 600-645 am, 510-545 pm, 600-645 pm, 700-745 pm

View the calendar page for more information on our yearly schedule.

What if I haven't been exercising lately?

That's okay. The class is designed for people that are very un-fit, and even obese or overweight all the way up to extremely fit. Remember we always screen our trial members. Your program is then based off of that. So you will never be at a level of fitness that is above you, always progressing at a safe and steady pace for the best results.

Even if you are an athlete these workouts will challenge you. You just come to class, do what you can for that exercise or activity. By the end of the camp you will see major improvements in your fitness levels. Step by Step, Inch by Inch. Plus you get a 2-week free trial if your new to my camps, sign up at the schedule page.

Do I need to bring anything?

Yes. You need to bring water. At least 24 oz. If you sweat more, or are a little heavier you should bring more. Exercise mats. You need these for both the indoor and outdoor camps. All of our regular camps are indoors (Monday-Friday). Some exercises will be done on the floor and grassy areas so you want to have something soft in between you and the surface. A towel, for obvious reasons. Comfortable clothing and a good pair of shoes.

Occasionally in the spring, summer and early fall we will do free bootcamps outdoors. Dress in layers for the outdoor boot camps, and peel them off as you get warmer (This is Columbus, OH and you never know what the weather might do day to day, or even hour to hour.)

When and where are the next camps?

That information will always be listed in the schedule section and the calendar section.

What kind of exercises will I be doing?

Calisthenics, core training, strength and endurance training, interval work, medicine ball training, obstacle courses, team games, kettlebell training, surprises, bodyweight training, and much more!

What if I can't do an exercise?

If you can't do an exercise due to previous injury, pain, discomfort, or simply aren't able to perform it (yet), then a substitute will be given for you. Yun's 3rd law of Boot Camp 'For every exercise there is an equal and opposite substitute.' (I just thought of that.)

Based on our RedLight system we will determine what exercises you cannot do and instead perform corrective exercises to help reduce and/or elimintate the pain.

What can I expect from the camp?

You can expect results. Weight loss, fat loss, strength gain, endurance, confidence and self-esteem gain. Firmer thighs and butt, flatter stomach, increased muscle tone and strength, and plus you'll look much better in a bathing suit. As long as you show up and put in the effort to get better at the exercises and activities presented each day. The results will be even greater by following some of the nutritional tips given, and will be even greater when taken in conjunction with the Meal Movement Food System. The camps are made to be fun and challenging and have a team-like atmosphere where everybody pushes each other to be the best they can be. If you just follow the program you will not fail, I guarantee it!

Do I need a doctor's permission to start the camp?

It isn't needed, but we recommend it to be on the safe side. Once you register you will be sent a Welcome Packet that will contain forms that need to be filled out before the start of camp and/or brought the first day of camp. If we feel that you need a doctor's permission to start the camp, we will let you know. This is for your safety and ours.

Are there any refunds?

If after signing up you realize that you will not be able to attend the camp regularly, and before the camp actually starts, we will refund your money completely. We understand that certain things come up in life that must be handled. If you need to cancel in the middle of a membership there is a cancellation fee of $30 and will be multiplied to the number of months left on your membership. We also allow people to freeze their accounts with no penalty, length time for freezes is based on each individual situation.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, there is. Your satisfaction will be met through our no-risk, 100%, no questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied and thrilled with Yun Fitness Boot Camps, we will refund 100% of your purchase price. Don't decide now if this fitness camp is for you. Sign up and give it a try. If it doesn't meet your expectations, save you money (think about all the other programs and information you've purchased in the past), time, frustration, don't worry. You get everything you paid-- back. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You must ask for your refund within 90 days of the Camp starting.

jason yun guarantees good form and no injury

My schedule varies from day to day, any other options?

If you are not able to come to all 3 morning sessions or evening sessions, or if you know you are going to have difficulty getting there on a regular basis, you can purchase one of our smaller 2 times or our Bootcamp To GO package. This will give you the option of coming 1-2 times a week to whatever day is most convenient to you.

What if I would like to come to the boot camps, but I can't afford it right now?

That's ok. You might want to check out our Bootcamps TO GO program.

We do have the Look Better Naked Online Fitness Bootcamp. 7-Day Free Trial and then $11.95 a month after or $49.99 every 6 months after.

I would like everybody that wants to come to my boot camp the opportunity to do so. Contact me to see if we can work something out. If not I do have Off-Week Boot Camp Manuals that my current bootcampers use during their off-week from camp. You can see those here.

You can also sign up just for our Saturday and Off-Week Classes. You can check out the schedule here

Members- $20/month

Non-Members- $30/month

Are there any discounts?

Yes. If you are a student in High School, College, or a Graduate Student there is a 12% off discount.

If you are an employee of Fire/Police/EMS or an immediate family member there is a 12% off discount.

There is a 12% discount if you sign up with a buddy. This can include friends, family, spouse, significant other, or co-worker.

There is also a 50% off referral bonus. If you are a current camper and refer someone who isn't in camp but becomes a member you will receive 50% off the next camp session. There is no cap to this, refer 4 people and get the next 2 camps FREE!

What if I would like to track my progress in terms of body fat % and body measurements?

I offer a body fat assessment. I perform a body fat analysis, take your body measurements, and your go over your current exercise and nutritional practices. The cost is $25 for the assessment. I use the Complete Ultrasound Body Composition Analysis from IntelaMetrix. It uses ultrasound to get a reading on your bodyfat levels, and is much more accurate than calipers.

Click here for details.

Click here for details of the bodyfat test with the Functional Movement Screen

What is the Transformation Contest?

This is your chance to become the 'biggest loser' of Columbus! Some people need the competition of a contest to get motivated. We will host at least 2 Transformation Contests per year. Check out the Transformation Page for more details and when the next one starts.

You can see the updated transformation contests on our new website Improvement Warrior Fitness

Still have questions?

customer service jason yun fitness bootcamps

Call me. You won't get some automated answering service telling you to push '1' for english and have to wait 10 minutes to talk to someone. I will answer any questions you have. My cell phone number is 614-304-1426. The only time I won't answer is if I'm helping my campers burn body fat, or I'm doing so myself 🙂

You can also contact me via Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @ YunTraining

Don't Forget to Join Me On My Social Networks!

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