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Foods That Make People Fat

By: Jason Yun

There are some good foods and there are some bad foods. Not new information. But there are some foods that tend to make people fatter. Fatter is not what we want. If we continue on our current pattern or trend in Columbus and the United States then being overweight and fat will be the norm.

I'm sorry but I don't feel that is an option. I'm interested in helping to make us live the most productive lives we can, and being overweight doesn't fit into that equation.

So the lesson for today is foods that are making you fat. These types of foods have a lot in common. They typically have:

  • High Calories
  • Lots of Sugar
  • High Fat
  • Lots of Salt/Sodium
  • Lots of Ingredients
  • No, or very low, nutritional value

I recently came across a website that is just another glaring reason for this obesity epidemic, and everything on it is something that should never have been created and will make you fat. The website is called This Is Why You Are Fat. If you go to it you will simply see why. Every picture on there is sent in by somebody who has actually eaten what they photographed and probably will make some other poor sap do the same.

All of the foods in the pictures and all of the foods that make us fat have 3 things that appeal to our food tastes-- Fat, Sugar, and Sodium. These 3 things are what every fast food restaurant, cookie maker, donut baker, ice cream parlor know and try to exploit at every turn.

Your taste buds crave these types of things. But you need to be stronger then the food if you want to be lean and healthy.

Let's give you some food examples of the very, very 'bad' that are keeping and making you fat. Foods like:

  • Fast Food
  • High Calorie/Fat Condiments (Dressings, Gravy's, Mayonnaise, Creams, etc...)
  • Sweets (Cookies, Candy, Ice Cream, etc...)
  • Soda Pop (Diet is no calories but no better as it increases your appetitive for 'bad' things)
  • Special Coffee Drinks (Regular Coffee is actually good for you, but add 200-500 calories of fat or sugar-- nope)
  • Fried Foods
  • "Fat Free' Packaged Foods (These are not good for you by any means. Fat Free, Sugar Free, Sodium Free. You take one of those 3 out and you need to up the other 2 to make sure it still tastes good. Don't get sold by the food Nazis.)
  • 'White' Foods (Processed foods like rice, pasta, and bread have had all their nutrition taken out of it. Plus the instant blood sugar surge you get from eating it causes some serious havoc on your body's insides.)

Now you really need to look at your diet. Is any of that stuff in there? And that list obviously is not a comprehensive list. That kind of food is fine every once and while. But if you are eating it everyday you probably won't succeed at your weight loss goals. And you probably won't feel as good as you should. Eating bad foods has a tendency to cause mood swings, energy swings, headaches, nausea, cravings for more bad food, stomach problems, indigestion, and a lot more things you don't want.

So what to do?

Analyze your diet!

What do you eat?

When do you eat it?

How much do you eat?

You probably already know this but if you eat too much you are going to gain weight and ugly body fat. You can eat a lot more 'good' foods then you can 'bad' foods before going over your daily calorie requirement.

Again, analyze your diet. Replace the 'bad' with 'good'. But do it slowly over time and not all at once. Replace one item per week and in a month's time watch how much better you feel.

Let's kick fat in it's ugly butt, Columbus!



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