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Functional Movement Screen For

Improvement Warriors

Functional Movement Screen Assessment helps to find out what movement patterns are not up to par and gives you an exact blueprint to get your body and fitness to your Ultimate Goal!

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Recently, at Yun Fit The UN Bootcamp and Yun Fitness Bootcamps (as of May 2013 transitioning into Improvement Warrior Fitness), we integrated the Functional Movement Systems philosophies into our program design.

Our beliefs and methodologies have been based around these training systems for quite some time, but we had no baseline screening system for classifying if someone is able to safely enter our program to get the results they are looking for. Integrating this system into our large group format program design has been nothing short of amazing. Our team of superstar coaches here really believes that this form of screening and standardizing movement is essential for safe, timely, and effective results.

With the Functional Movement Screen we are able to personalize your group training program. One person in your training session sitting next to you might be doing the exact same program, although another person on the other side of the room might be doing 100% different workout then you, and another will be doing a 40% different workout then you.

It is all based off of your screen.

We have eliminated the screen for incoming trial members, but we still use the Red Light System to Red Light certain exercises if need be. Our coaches are always watching and correcting form to make sure you are #1 safe, and #2 increasing performance.

If you still wish to be screened before your trial starts, you can click here to pruchase the screen package. It will also be emailed to you once you register.

Down below, our Superstar Coach, Rick Locke, takes one of our Superstar Clients through her screen:


In order to better understand the premise of where these beliefs stem from, let’s take a look at some of the rules that Functional Movement Systems are based around.

*Pain should not be present while performing basic bodyweight movement patterns. If there is pain associated with these basic movement patterns, movement patterns will be compromised and substantially increase the likelihood for developing further injury to the site of pain. Also, this could lead to a secondary injury from the body compensating to avoid the pain or restricted movement. We want your body to be able to move pain free. This is how most of us were born. Do not settle to 'live with it'. Just a little work and education can go a long way to helping to improve your life.

*Having multiple limitations within several basic movement patterns, even if they’re pain free, can create compensations and general weaknesses that may lead to a greater likelihood of injury.

*Basic unilateral movement patterns should be symmetrical on both right and left sides of the body. Having one side different then the other is not natural as well.

*Fundamental and basic movement patterning should precede performance related activities.

*Basic before Complex, Stable before Unstable

Foundational movement patterns need to be assessed before we can create a program designed to fit each individuals needs. Our goal at Yun Fit The UN Bootcamp and Improvement Warrior Fitness is to provide the best personal training services in Hilliard, Columbus, Reynoldsburg and surrounding areas. Doesn't matter if that is in a group or a one on one setting.

Using the Functional Movement screening Systems, we were able to establish a solid baseline screening system to better help manage and prevent injury to the musculoskeletal system. Also by establishing a baseline scoring criteria, we will be able to monitor and track progress to ensure that the right program is being implemented.

All of this screening, assessing, and implementing the right mix of corrective exercises into the programs are going to help keep our clientele safer and healthier for long periods of time. We realize that injuries are going to happen. However, it’s our job to reduce the likelihood of injury. After all, if someone gets injured during training, their outlook and thought processes about exercise can be compromised for the rest of their lives. Exercise should be enjoyable…Exercise should be well thought out and serve a purpose…Exercise should help you meet and exceed your goals…Exercise should help improve movement patterns and make daily activities more enjoyable.

This training philosophy is the foundation of our personal training and large group (formerly bootcamp) program design at Improvement Warrior Fitness. We’ve had multiple questions about exercises being “red lighted.” The reason for taking certain exercises out of your program all stem back to these five rules. It’s our job to get results and keep you injury free. It’s all about the quality of the movement, not the quantity.

Under our menu tabs up over on the ImprovementWarriorFitness.com webpage, under EDUCATION> Functional Movement Screen, you can see some of the other articles we have written including the actual movements included in the screen and their corrective exercises.


You may think that you don’t need to be screened because you don’t have any injuries, or you feel fine, or think that you move fine— But the FMS Screen is designed to help reduce the risk of injury, not prevent them after they occur. I thought I didn’t need the screen, thought I would nail a 19 or 20 score easily– but my ego was brusied when I scored a 14, my biggest problem was an asymmetry with the shoulder mobility test. The combined average score for the 2009 Combine athletes going into the NFL draft was just 12.86– that made me feel a little better.

Step #1- It is Temporary-
Once our coaches screen you, you may or may not need correctives and we may have to take certain exercises away from you- TEMPORARILY. The FMS has a hierachy that has been proven to work time and time again. This is what we follow. The hierachry has been shown to work very quickly in some cases. So just know if we take an exercise away we are not doing it forever, only until we can ‘fix’ the movement pattern issue.

Step #2- The “Temporary’ might just be what’s holding you back
Most likely when we do ‘remove’ an exercise from your program and start to assign corrective exercises to fix the pattern, please understand that that exercise might have been causing you to slow your progress or even halt it. But once we fix it you should be able to train harder and get stronger overall. Which will cause you to burn more fat, increase your metabolism and look better naked– all those good things

Everyone hits a platuea at some point, but doing the corrective exercises that the FMS Screen deems nessecary to hit will help break past that plateau to greater gains and performance.
Improvement Personified.

Step #3- Correctives IMPROVE Results
A lot of clients think that they need super hard exercises to get the best results- Burpees, animals, jumping, heavy swings, super duper burpees, etc……. But if you are doing any of those exercises with a movement fault it’s only going to hurt you. And doing an easier exercise will always Trump a harder exercise that you have to use compensation to complete. When you have a movement pattern dysfunction, the corrective exercise is always best for that pattern. And remember, it’s Temporary. I know all of our Improvement Warrior Athletes want to do Super Duper Burpees all day long

Step #4- Pretend you are a car
Here’s a simple analogy: Pretend you are driving a car at 100 miles an hour, but you have the parking brake on and your wheels are out of alignment. If you ignore it the car will eventually break down, costing you hundreds, maybe even thousands, maybe even 10′s of thousands if you need to get a new one.
The same thing happens to your body. Sometimes you just need a tune up. The FMS screen is our ‘tune-up ‘tool’

Step #5- Improvement Everyday
It might be tough to hear that you might not be able to perform one of your favorite exercises that we do in class for a while, while others are allowed to do said exercise. Myself and the coaches are constantly learning and educating ourselves about the best training practices. Our #1 goal is to keep you safe and injury free, then improve performance, body, health. You can’t get better if you are injured. The FMS screen is one of those things that we have learned will help our Athletes (YOU!) 100% of the time. Go back and read step #4 again. We are all about IMPROVEMEN!

Step #6- No Pain, No Gain
There are a lot of myths in the fitness industry and this is one. I get it that a lot of you like to feel tired and sweat and sore the next day to feel that you got a good workout in. But that shouldn’t be an indicator of progress. Getting better and Improvement should be. However, joint pain during your workout is UNACCEPTABLE!! This will occur if you are use faulty movement or compensatory movement. This is what the FMS screen will help us prevent, or fix if it is already present.

Step #7- You have to train smart, to improve everyday.
Example of not training smart is myself. About once evey 2 months I do a challenge workout. It’s more mental then physical, but I’m usually sore and my joints are jacked up for 5-7 days after. It throws my whole other training schedule off. One of those challenges was 1000 burpees, which I did in 2:23. Do you think I was using correct mechanics and perfect form on all 1000 reps- Nope! I couldn’t feel my arms for the majority of the reps (or my jaw for that matter).
So everyday focus on improving, the coaches will help you out. Perfect reps. That is what was after. That is how you get stronger. Day by day.

Red Lights and Correctives:

If you score a one or 0 on any test, or have any type of asymmetry (score different on one side compared with the other) you will have corrective exercises to do and you will be RED LIGHTED. This means you will not be able to perform the full version or advanced version. What we call the "Green Light' or above.

You will instead perform correctives until you are strong or proficient enough to move forward.

Remember it is only temporary

Also remember that the exercise we take away is probably what is holding you back. Once fixed you will be able to return to the exercise and blow past any previous personal records.

There will be a Red Light and Correctives Poster at all Locations.

red light poster yun fitness

Wrist Bands:
If you are red lighted you will have a colored coded band based on the exercise(s) that you are red lighted on. This let’s you know and the coaches of IWF know what you should be doing when that exercise comes up.
Band colors are yellow, white, orange, red, blue, green, purple.

Black Band:

The Black band means you have ALL GO! You are ALL GREEN LIGHTS on all exercises and can even perform more challenging progressions. This band is yours to keep and show off to the world.

Below are just some of our superstar clients that earned their Black Bands with hard, consistent work:

black bands fitness weight loss program


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