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"Grandview Heights Boot Camp"

Intense Fitness Boot Camp in Grandview Heights, Ohio helps people lose weight and get in awesome shape....

All over Columbus, OH people are trying to get in shape at a number of gyms. There seems to be a new gym in Columbus every other month. They keep working themselves harder and harder, trying to get that body they so deserve. But of course when they step on the scale or take a look at the person in the mirror it only makes them more frustrated, tired, shocked and pissed off! It happens all the time at gyms in Grandview Heights. But it does not have!

What these people don't know is that while they work hard, and slave away at trying to sculpt their body into a work of art is that there is a little known secret that most gym owners aren't going to give out. It's not about the quantity of the work, it's about the quality.

Another secret is the diet aspect. It needs to be combined with right amount of exercise. Overdo or under do either one, exercise or diet, and it just isn't going to work.

So why does our Columbus Boot Camp and Columbus Personal Training work where so many other boot camp programs fail?

Exercises- You notice right away when you walk into our Grandview boot camp that we are not the typical gym you find in Columbus. You will find no shiny rows of machines or treadmills. It's actually pretty basic. Maybe some cones will be set up with some unusual type of equipment sitting beside them. We don't do any exercise in class that does not burn fat, build muscle, or condition the cardiovascular system. Usually the exercises we do does all 3. You'll be done with the session in just 45 minutes. The exercises will be fun, challenging and result oriented. What more could you ask for?

Nutrition- Most people don't know that in order to take their body to the next level exercise is a small part of it. A good diet and nutrition plan is what is needed to look your absolute best naked! And that is what our Grandview Boot Camp provides to you. We give you sample meal plans, all the fat loss rules you need to follow and shed body fat day in and day out. Your nutrition is the fuel that powers you throughout the day and your workouts. We give you the knowledge to get the most out of your 'fuel'.

Motivation and Education- Social support is key to sticking with a fitness and exercise regimen. That's what we are there for. We will encourage you from the start of the workout to the end. We provide weekly nutrition and training articles to keep you pumped up and itching for the next workout. A weekly newsletter is also sent to you that will give you either a training or nutrition tidbit that you can use and implement into you life ASAP. If you don't show up for a couple workouts, you can for surely expect an email or call from your personal trainer. We will help you 'get your mind right' for achieving your body's dream and looking better naked!


Watch this video to see what one of our special clients has to say:


If you have ever thought to yourself that if 'I have to go through one more boring workout, or eat cardboard.' Then you owe it to yourself to try our Grandview Boot Camp.

You can register online or call us at 614-432-9703.
Click the link to register: Grandview bootcamp

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