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High Fructose Corn Syrup Lies

By: Jason Yun

First, what High Fructose Corn Syrup is is a syrupy liquid created by processing corn starch with different kinds of enzymes to make glucose, and then later add fructose. You can see the total process here. Chemically it is a lot like sugar. That is why you get people trying to hype it up as such. However, HFCS has a lot more very harmful effects on the body than normal sugar does.

Facts regarding High fructose corn syrup:

* 20% cheaper than sugar. Big time companies want as much profits as they can make.
* Increases shelf life of a product. Again, more profits.
* Sweeter than sugar. More addicting to consumers.
* Scientific Studies showing that it causes tissue damage due to the fact it contains “unbound” fructose and glucose molecules. This is the biggest problem for your body, and is what causes the majority of problems.
* Highly contributes to the development of diabetes, especially in children.
* Does not trigger an insulin response. Insulin is supposed to be released in your body to raise your blood sugar levels to give you energy and make you feel full. HFCS does not do this. That’s why you can eat or drink a whole bunch of it and not feel full. Hence you drink or eat more and gain more weight.
* Fructose is converted to fat more readily than any other type of sugar.
* Increases LDL (low-density lipoprotein) or the bad cholesterol.

A quick tip: fructose is found in all types of fruit. But it occurs naturally. And fruit contains fiber, vitamins, and minerals which decreases the effects of pure fructose in your body.

So as you can see HFCS is very bad. Advertising like this is irresponsible. America already has an obesity epidemic happening right now, and it is getting worse by the minute. What’s worse is this commercial was geared towards children. Schools across the nation are cutting physical education programs left and right.

HFCS is bad for you no matter what the ‘proponents’ say about it. In my opinion it’s a drug and is no different than tobacco. It’s killing people slowly overtime, and obviously the makers and food companies are not going to do anything to stop it, because they are making billions. $4.5 billion to be more exact.



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