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Bodyweight At-Home Bootcamp Workout Ebooks

The LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts is now LIVE! It's the next step in home fitness. Just log in and workout with Yun! New workouts added weekly. All fitness levels welcome! Body weight, bands, kettlebell workouts and more!

Check it out!

LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts


Have you ever wanted to come to a bootcamp, but just couldn't due to some other responsibility?

Or maybe you are one of my bootcampers, and don't want to take that week off?

Whatever the reason is, you just couldn't make it. Weather it be distance, kids, significant other, price, time crunch...

But you need to. You know you do! You need to exercise!

Well, the answer is here.

Below are at-home bootcamp style workout ebooks just for you.

It's a no thrills ebook. Just workouts and execise description.

I'm not going to bore you with the science of everything.

Just follow the workouts and lose fat!

Currently it's just 2 ebooks: A body weight only manual for beginners and one for intermediates/advanced trainees. Each one has 6 super intense workouts for you to do. Pick which one you think you fall under. If you don't know, simply ask me. Eventually there will be an audio and dvd for each, because I realize not everyone likes the Manual format.


Beginner At-Home Boot Camp Workout
Grab Your Copy Now! Only $19.95!

Intermediate/Advanced At-home Boot Camp Workout
Grab Your Copy Now! Only $19.95!

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