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KK- Kettlebell Khaos Hilliard

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Discover the new secrets of kettlebell training that will fire up your metabolism, burn globs of unwanted body fat, and build a lean, mean, sexy, head-turning body.

Extreme Fitness, Extreme Results!

kettlebell class Jason yun fitness weight loss intervals

Attention: KK class and all specialty classes are now Saturday Un Bootcamp classes with a theme. Theme will include the listed specialty classes and a lot more. Come prepared to work!


This is not a bootcamp class. This is a separate class from Yun Fitness Bootcamp.

Your first class is FREE! Special Pricing for current members! New clients welcome! Pricing is below.


It's Khaos TIme!

Are you tired of the typical kettlebell classes that leave you wanting more? Or not feeling challenged by it?

Then this class is for you


Kettlebell Khaos Columbus in Hilliard will sculpt your body perfection.

kettlebell swing by jason yun for workouts in columbus

It's all about the 'Bell! This class is designed to help improve your overall performance. Each workout focuses on full body workouts using each and every muscle group to get the most efficient workout and training effect for the fat loss and body changes to come.

What to expect:

  1. Class is :55 minutes in length. See a breakdown below. Instruction for the workout lasts 5-10 minutes
  2. Not your typical kettlebell class! You will not be doing a cardio kettlebell class with a baby kettlebell performing Zumba or Mouseketeer moves. You will train in a multi-plane, functional atmosphere. You are coming to Kettlebell Khaos to change and get better. You will challenge yourself and you will get better.
  3. If you do not know how to perform an exercise we provide 10:00 of detailed instruction at the beginning of class. Sometimes this isn't enough, so you will be assigned homework-- kettlebell style :)
  4. Spot Reducing is impossible. This will be a full body workout. Full body workouts with our interval system have been shown to burn 9x more body fat then regular 'cardio'.
  5. Strength and Cardio all in one! You will be challenged to get stronger each workout. You will get in better shape aerobically then you ever dreamed doing traditional 'cardio'. Our cardio is High Intensity Conditioning- What's the difference you ask? Just try one class and find out.
  6. Crush your weaknesses and imbalances! Most kettlebell training is done on one side of the body, so any imbalances will be shown. But it will also be fixed rather quickly. Leaving you feeling better, stronger, and more healthy.
  7. Fun! Kettlebells have a lot of cool looking exercises that are fun to perform. Never be bored with this type of training. But you must get the basics down first.

jeannie kettlebell sit-up and weight loss


kettlebell workout breakdown for Yun Fitness in Columbus

  • Warm-Up- 8:00- 10:00. Warm-up is designed to get your body prepared for the workout by pumping the blood to your major joints and muscles. The better your warm-up the better your workout. Working out when the body is cold leads to injury, which we do not want.
  • Technique Breakdown - 10:00. This is all about going over the exercise of the day. Breaking down the technique and giving you tips and pointers to execute the movement with the most effieciency possible. The more exercises you can do correctly with a kettlebell the better and more fun training with kettlebells becomes.
  • Workout- 20:00. This is the main workout of the day. Sometimes it will be broken down into 2 10:00 segments, sometimes just one. It will change what we focus on each day, but most of the time will be a combination of power, strength, endurance, and metabolic training.
  • Finisher- Time to make that body change! We will combine 2 different exercises in an all out war against Mr. 'Bell himself. Be prepared to feel a burn and fight through it. Challenge your body and mind and get better then you were before you started the day.
  • Cool down- 5:00. This is a time to focus on recovery. We will either focus on foam rolling (tissue quality workout) or go into flexbility training with the bands.


kettlebells khaos in Hilliard ed

elaine kettlebell workout in hilliard for fat loss

Check out the Khaos Below:



This class is lower impact then our typical bootcamp class, but is more advanced. We don't recommend starting with this class if you've been inactive for a while or are considered a 'beginner' trainee.

Jumping is not common during these workouts

Alternates will be provided if you cannot perform the advanced version

Class programming/design is set up to improve hip and thoracic spine mobility and strengthen/burn fat off the whole body especially the abs, buttocks region, thighs, hips, and shoulders. Will also eliminate or alleviate aches and pains in muscles, joints, tendons. Boost performance and reduce the risk of injury.



Procedure For Registration for KK-Kettlebell Khaos


1. To Start Getting a Stronger, Sexier Body:

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2. If this is your first class with us (meaning you have never been to a bootcamp, charity camp, free saturday class,etc...) then you need to fill out the waiver form.

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3. If you have any questions, or would like to register via the phone, please call today at 614-304-1426. Or email at

Info that is needed:

  • Name
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  • Address
  • Date and class registering for


4. The class schedule is located below for all of our specialty classes. YunFit, AAA- Advanced Abs & A$$, KK- Advanced Kettlebell Khaos, YunFit, etc....

Class Schedule

5. If you purchased a Groupon Specialty 10-Pack, you have to email us first to create your punch pack on our booking system. Send email here.


Remember Class Schedule & Payment Options are below!  First class is FREE! Member forms are available at Class.

Remember Class Schedule & Payment Options are below the Form!  


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Class Schedule:

All Classes are at Yun Fitness Bootcamps, 4601 Leap Ct. Hilliard, OH unless otherwise stated

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Saturday Classes (subject to change) All times are 9:00- 10:00 am unless noted




Pricing For All Specialty Classes-

You can also pay via our Online Booking System if you do not wish to use PayPal.

Current campers who want unlimited access to any and all specialty classes can do so for just $20 extra a month. Former or Non-Members the fee is $30. This does not include Charity Bootcamps.

Punch cards are good for all Saturday classes that Yun Strength & Fitness Offers

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