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'I Like Getting My Butt


Discover the workout that will skyrocket your metabolism: Build Lean Sexy, Muscle Tissue: Burn Insane Amounts of Unwanted Body Fat.

What PowerFit is in a nutshell:

High Intensity Fat Burning Circuits For Lean Body Sculpting

Attention: AAA class and all specialty classes are now Saturday Un Bootcamp classes with a theme. Theme will include the listed specialty classes and a lot more. Come prepared to work!

gladiator russell crowe & jason yun fitness warrior conditioning classwomen can do it strong goddess sexy muscle Yun Fitness

Warrior >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Goddess

Who's the fittest of them all?

You will be!

The workout you've been looking for is here


This is not a bootcamp class. This is a separate class from Yun FIT- The Un-Bootcamp. It is part of our specialty class lineup. It is not recommended for beginners

Your first class is FREE! Special Pricing for current members! New clients welcome! Pricing is below.


It's Strength & Conditioining Time!

Are you tired of workouts not getting the results you want?

Tired of workouts not challenging you enough?

Then this class is for you

Are you a Warrior? Or are you a Goddess?

Prove it!

This class combines Metabolic Training, Strength Training, Conditioning Training all into one.

Your body will change!

Now is the TIME!

powerfit with rick locke will change your body forever

It's all about Looking Better Naked! This class is designed to help improve your overall health and physical performance. Specifically focusing on the whole body, building strength and lean muscle tissue, and decreasing body fat.

What to expect:

  1. Class is 50-60 Minutes in Length. Instruction takes 6-9 minutes.
  2. Not your typical strength and conditioning workout class! The exercises and routines you will be doing in this class will test your physical and mental ability. Only the strong minded and body shall be able to push past their barriers and form new ones and sculpt your body into your dream body!
  3. Spot Reducing is impossible. This will be a full body workout. You will experience challenge workouts, super challenges, strength, metabolic, complexes, intervals, and more! You will torch body fat and build lean muscle tissue. It will be hard. Whiners are not welcome



We don't recommend starting with this class if you've been inactive for a while or are considered a 'beginner' trainee.

Alternates will be provided if you cannot perform the advanced version

Class programming/design is set up to improve hip and thoracic spine mobility and strengthen/burn fat off the whole body. Will also eliminate or alleviate aches and pains in muscles, joints, tendons. Boost performance and reduce the risk of injury.



Procedure For Registration for PowerFIT


1. To Start Getting a Sexier Body:

click here to schedule your class.

2. If this is your first class with us (meaning you have never been to a bootcamp, charity camp, free saturday class,etc...) then you need to fill out the waiver form.

Fill Out Waiver Form Online CLICK HERE

Fill Out Waiver Form and Bring To Class or Scan & Email CLICK HERE


3. If you have any questions, or would like to register via the phone, please call today at 614-304-1426. Or email at

Info that is needed:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Address
  • Date and class registering for


4. The class schedule is located below for all of our specialty classes. PowerFIT, YunFit, AAA- Advanced Abs & A$$, KK- Advanced Kettlebell Khaos, YunFit, etc....


5. If you purchased a Groupon Specialty 10-Pack, you have to email us first to create your punch pack on our booking system. Send email here.


You will also find the full schedule via our Online Booking System

Remember Class Schedule & Payment Options are below the Form!  First class is FREE! Member forms are available at Class.


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Class Schedule:

All Classes are at Yun Fitness Bootcamps, 4601 Leap Ct. Hilliard, OH unless otherwise stated

Click Here to see Kettlebell Khaos Webpage

Click here to see Advanced Abs & A$$ Webpage

Click Here to see YunFit Webpage

Click Here to see TRX-Plosion Webpage

Click Here to see PowerFIT Webpage




Pricing For All Specialty Classes-

You can also pay via our Online Booking System

Punch cards are good for all specialty classes that Yun Strength & Fitness Offers

saturday workout for free with yun fitness in hilliard and columbus

You Will Be Able To Pay Once You Register On Our Online Booking System. But remember 1st specialty class is FREE!



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