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Welcome Current & Future Bootcamp Superstars!!!

Below You Will Find All The Links To Our Specialty Classes and Workshops/Seminars at Yun Fitness Bootcamps, Athletic Revolution-Hilliard, and Fitness Revolution


Please note that our specialty classes have been turned into Saturday Bootcamps with a Theme. Some of the themes will be based off of the Specialty Classes listed below. To view a current schedule of upcoming Saturday and Off-Week Classes please click here

AAA- Advanced Abs & A$$
Advanced Abs & A$$ is a specialty class that is lower impact then regular bootcamp, but a step up in terms of difficulty. Focus is the core, butt, and shoulders and also correcting imbalances and body pain.

KK- Kettlebell Khaos
Kettlebell Khaos is our kettlebell class. It is truly Khaotic! If you've never trained with kettlebells now is the time to start and this class will take you from a beginner to advanced user of the 'bells in no time.


YunFit is our most difficult class. Are you fit enough? Click the link to find out what it's all about and actually try one of the workouts.


TRX X-Plosion
Suspension Training! Make your body the machine! Work and Support all the muscles in your body in less then 5 square feet of space! Get Ready to X-Plode!!!!!


PowerFIT with Rick
High intensity fat burning circuits for lean body sculpting. This class is also known as 'I like getting my butt kicked'


Nutrition Revolution Seminar
Learn how to eat, what to eat, when to eat it! Everything you need to know about Nutrition weather you want to lose weight or are training for athletic performance, or you simply want better health.


Resistance Band Workshop
Learn how this simple oversized Rubber Band can take your training and health to the next level. All fitness levels,, athletes, and coaches welcome. Hands on Workshop- Dates of previous Workshops- 2/19/12,


Grocery Store Tour
At least once a phase we journey to a Grocery Store to give you a first hand experience for shopping for fat loss.


Rave reviews from current and former members of Yun Fitness Bootcamp, Prograde Nutrtion Users, and Newsletter subscribers.


Prograde Nutrition Supplements Store
Yun Fitness Bootcamps proudly endourses Prograde Supplements as a part of it's complete fat loss system. Prograde Nutritional Supplements taste good and actually work. (A new window will open up)

Prograde Nutrition Supplements by Jayson Hunter for weight loss


Bootcamps TO GO
Our Bootcamp TO GO program provides people an alternative for those who are on a tight schedule and/or budget. Several options available.


Body Fat Test and Girth Measurements
Get your body fat measured with the state of the art Ultrasound Measuring Device. No Bod Pods or uncomfortable pinching for you. Do it before you start camp, cause in 3 months you won't believe the difference!


This is the yearly bootcamp schedule 2012






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